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Carpet Cleaning in Lynn, MA

Carpet and upholstery cleaning is Carpet Cleaning Lynn's expertise. We know how to make your entire home, office or business look fresh and new, while keeping the fabrics intact, and in good shape for long lasting years to come. We examine your furniture and carpets, decide on the right Eco-friendly cleaning solutions and follow the manufacturer's recommendation for any type of carpet, rug, chair or sofa. Call us at 781-990-6990 for your free estimate.

The Benefits of Professional Cleaning Services

Your carpet accumulates dust mites on a regular basis; in addition, your carpets can attract other unwelcome visitors like mold and bacteria that harm your health, and the look and feel of your home.

Over 80% of Asthma sufferers are allergic to dust mite allergens. Regular deep cleaning keeps your home and office free from allergens, and promotes the overall health.

Infants should not be exposed to allergen to reduce the development of asthma. In order of giving your baby a healthy crawling area make sure you vacuum your carpet at least twice a week, also it is important to have your carpet professionally cleaned every six mounts.

Main Services
Area Rug
Air Duct
Water Damage
Fire & Water Damage Restoration Service
HVAC & Air Duct Cleaning Service
Pet Odor & Stains Removal Service

24/7 Emergency Service

Unfortunately accidents can happen, a pipe may burst and flood your home damaging your carpets and furniture. Quick emergency service can minimized the harm and restore everything to its previous look. We at Carpet Cleaning Lynn have the right tools to dry your carpets fast, disinfect them, and clear out any residue that could damage your heath in the long run.

Green Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Lynn technicians use the latest Eco-friendly, chemicals free cleaning solvents that received the green seal. By not compromising on the quality of our cleaning services, we make sure that both your home and the environment are clean and safe from any health hazard.

Rugs Cleaning

Your rugs are valuable; make sure you invite the professional to take care of them. At Carpet Cleaning Lynn, we have the expertise and the knowledge necessary to clean your rugs safely,

restore their natural beauty, while prolonging their life. Call us now at 781-990-6990, ask for our specialized rug cleaning service which includes: pick up, cleaning in a special facility that makes sure that each part of the rug gets the exact treatment it needs, and delivery back to your home at your convenience.

Carpet Cleaning Lynn is your one stop destination for major cleaning work in your home or office: tile and grout cleaning, carpet cleaning, water damage restoration and more. Call Carpet Cleaning Lynn now at 781-990-6990, our expertise and professionalism are right for your carpets, wood floors and furniture.

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